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nPlus1.org is giving away $250

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nPlus1.org is on a hunt for a new look. The site has really taken off over the past six months, and they are ready for a facelift.

Go design a new look, and submit it. First prize is $250 to Best Buy and a copy of Vista Ultimate. There are other prizes as well.

Their site is built on Graffiti CMS, and you will need to either provide a template, or other materials to easily upgrade the site.

Take a look at the official rules and requirements at http://nplus1.org/faceliftcontest/.

alpascual said...
4/10/2009 01:17:00 AM  

Actually is easier to create a theme for Telligent Graffiti than Telligent Community Server, maybe is time for them to migrate :-)

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