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Community Leadership Summit

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You are invited to the Community Leadership Summit. Our goal is to gather together anyone who is rabid about the community: all of the community leaders, speakers, and contributors. We want to get together and share best practices, and learn from each other. This is OPEN. We aren’t just talking about .NET user groups. We are talking Ruby, PHP, Python, OSS, Linux, ALM, and anything else you can think of. It doesn’t have to be a big formal user group; your community might be the small group of folks that crack code at a coffee shop at 7am. Whatever it is, come on over. This summit is held twice a year, once in the summer, and once in the winter.

jacks_08[1]The event will be held at Jack’s Bar-B-Que,  from noon until 4pm on August 12th, 2009. The address is 416 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203. Their website is http://jacksbarbque.com.

Register Here: http://tr.im/uKDt

We are holding the summit the day before devLink because we know many leaders will already be in one place, making it easier on people to travel. The winter edition will be held the day before CodeMash in January, in Sandusky, Ohio. If you need a place to stay, or help driving down, please reach out. There are plenty of people going, and who would love to share a ride.

One thing we have learned over the past few years is that the community doesn’t have boundaries, and we don’t want any either. But pants, of some sort, are required. We want there to be open sharing amongst all of the groups, so that we can learn from each other’s successes and failures. We want to discuss how you grow the group, should you want to grow the group, how do you reach out to people that don’t know the community exists, how do you groom new speakers and leaders, and if or how you get sponsors for your meetings. You will also be able to share how you put on an event like a bar camp and learn from other organizers.

The day will start with lunch at noon, where you can mingle, chat, and catch up with the people you know, and maybe spill some BBQ sauce on someone you don’t know. The spill creates an opportunity to chat with the person. That’s a little networking tip from us to you for free.

We will then move into some opening comments and some lightening talks on some cross cutting topics we think would be useful in getting the discussions going from there. The rest of the day will be about you and the community. We expect an ‘open spaces’ like event where we have some topics of discussion, and a freewheeling time flittering around from one group to another.

While Microsoft might be sponsoring the food, this has nothing to do with us. So what is our evil plan? Well, glad you asked. Our jobs are to help the community and the easiest way to help you is to help you help us help you. We also know that a strong community is an important aspect to having a healthy industry, which serves us all. Plus, it’s a great way to get the boss to pay for a meal out of our budget. Wink Wink.

Get this. There will be no projectors, no screens, no laptops, no wifi. Only scratch pads, you, and a giant mess of the best Bar-B-Que* in town. The audience is wide open. If you know someone who fits the description above, please forward it to them. Twitter it, blog it, sky write it, we don’t care. We also don’t care where they are from; Cincinnati, Grand Rapids, Boise, or Miami. And we don’t care what role they play in the community; leader, helper, speaker, attendee, muffin eater; doesn’t matter.

We do have a limit on space and food, so please register quickly, and before you share the link with other people. We would hate for you to miss out because you’re THAT selfless. Being an attendee of devLink is not a requirement, but there are tickets left if you are interested.

* We will have food for people who have alternative diet needs. Please check the box on the registration form.

Scrum and TFS

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Do you want to learn how to use Scrum and TFS together? Do you want to learn from someone who has ‘been there, and done that?’

Check out this event, which is being put on by the Chattanooga TN .NET user group.



August 6th, 6:00 PM
4080 Jenkins Rd., Chattanooga, TN
(West Building)

Agile software development is quickly becoming the approach of choice for
companies who want to deliver quality software quickly, and the Scrum process is by far the most popular of these methodologies. Many have found value in coupling their existing development environment with the principles and practices of Scrum and Agile. This free two hour seminar will cover the basics of the Scrum process and demonstrate how to implement them using Visual Team Suite Foundation Server to create collaborative, productive Agile development teams.

Dinner will be provided  and we will have door prizes  to  give  away limited, so register today.


MVC4WPF Launches on 7/23

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ICC worked with the WPF team to develop a framework for bringing MVC to WPF, called MVC4WPF.

MVC4WPF is a combination of code automation, efficient software architecture, and a
maintenance-centric design to writing software that reduces both development and long term costs.  It promotes methodologies that get the best value out of junior developers while gaining all the advantages of mentoring by senior developers.  It uses Microsoft’s latest and greatest development technologies, including the .NET 3.5 platform, Visual Studio 2008, and the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), to give you greater transparency into the development process at a very low overhead.

ICC has released it as open source, and will be publishing the code on CodePlex. The code will be available after the launch.

Information Control Corporation and Microsoft would like to invite you to the MVC4WPF launch on July 23rd.

The event will include breakfast starting at 8:30 a.m. at the Microsoft Building located at: 
8800 Lyra Drive Polaris Center, Suite 400, Columbus, Ohio, 43240.

Please RSVP for the event here:


Thrive for Developers is online

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A little while back I wrote about a site called Thrive for IT Pros. We have launched a similar site for developers called Thrive for Developers. Microsoft has always been good about giving the information and tools developers need to build great software. Thrive is a way for  us to go beyond that. To help you learn the tools you need for your career, how to be a better developer, and do more with what you have already.

I was really excited to be asked to be a part of this launch. Many of you have seen the Soft Skillz talk that I have done over the past year. They have also brought together a lot of content from the community, as well as tools to help you find that next job.

That Soft Skillz talk originated out of a farewell talk I did as I left my team at Quick Solutions. It focused on retelling the lessons we had learned over my time there, so I could pass on some of our culture and tribal knowledge to the next generation of the team.

The talk evolved, and became very popular. When I heard about the new Thrive site, I pitched it to the team, to see if it could be part of the content. I was going to turn the talk into a screencast anyway, so why not have a place to host it? They accepted, and I started breaking the show down into 7 minute chunks. Way faster than an 8 minute show, and of course 6 minutes would too short, you wouldn’t even be able to get your heart rate going..

The first four episodes are up:

Driving Your Career - Soft Skills to Move You Forward

Sit shotgun with Brian Prince in “Driving Your Career” – a 32-week screencast series that explores the new skills developers need to thrive. Brian will tackle relevant topics including quick learning techniques, how to manage your career, how to build consensus, and the always-tricky task of talking to humans. Brian will share his expertise of being a manager, a consultant, and many other roles over his career, to help you succeed in yours.

  • Week 1 - It’s always darkest before the dawn  |  WMV MP3
  • Week 2 - How I learned that humans don’t care about technology  |   WMV MP3
  • Week 3 - Always have a mentor  |  WMV MP3
  • Week 4 - Body language doesn’t use CSS  |  WMV MP3

So please check them out, and even more importantly, forward the link to anyone you know that is struggling in their career, or in finding a job.