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Announcing Team System Cafe


A great team member of mine (Randy Pagels, who works with a lot of customers to help them understand the business value of ALM and TFS) just launched a site at http://www.teamsystemcafe.net/. It brings together a lot of great resources on Team Foundation System, Visual Studio Team Suite, and Application Lifecycle Management.

There is a great blog roll of related sites as well. Take a few minutes and check it out.

ArcReady Slides

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The Tennessee tour for ArcReady went very well (followed up by an awesome week at Disney for vacation). I want to thank everyone who came out. We had a lot of good conversations.

Here are the slides:

Session 1 covers the patterns and concepts for how to architect for different distributed systems using modern architectures.

Session 2 covers Zermatt, and how you can use it to deploy scenarios covered in session 1.



Once when I worked for a consulting firm, one of my leads wanted to go to a big conference. So we filled out the paperwork, estimated flight and hotel costs, and submitted it into the black hole of bureaucracy. I hounded my manager at the time, every other day.

After what seemed like an infinite amount of time, we found out the training request was approved. It was too late to use the early bird special price, but registration was still open.

Then we had to fight the admin staff to get the attendee registered. By the time everything was all said and done, the event was sold out, and they couldn’t go.

If you are in that situation, please note that the Early Bird discount for PDC2008 has been extended until September 8th. You will get $200 off (little less than 10%).

This is the one PDC you can’t miss. It will be bigger than ever, covered with a gooey layer of awesomeness.

Go register now, and ask for forgiveness later. :)