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Learn Lean Processes with LeanDog

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LeanDog is an interesting company. They are located in Cleveland, on a barge. Yes, a barge, on the water. They run an agile shop, and deliver software solutions for their customers.

The great thing is that they open up their space to a whole host of community events. I love it when companies ‘get’ why they should support and adopt the community. Jon, the founder, has an amazing amount of passion for agile practices, and experience helping teams adopt them.

TDD is an amazing practice. It has had a huge impact on how software is developed today. It has shifted how tech teams look at writing software, and has dramatically increased the initial quality of the software, and reduced the long term maintenance costs as well.

The trick with it is that it is very hard to learn, and takes at least six months if you are learning it by reading books and blogs. It is just one of those skills that you need to do with someone to fully get. You can reduce the learning time by doing this. If you are trying to learn TDD you need to find someone to work with, and spend some time with them

LeanDog will be offering some training later this month, "Test Driven Development & Refactoring in C#”. They will cover what TDD is, design and refactoring skills, as well as testing skills that you need.

My two good friends, Nate Hoellein and Corey Haines will be the instructors. The course does cost $1995 for the three days, but that is a small price to pay for being in a room with these two guys for three days. The training is on April 21,22 & 23rd. The cost includes parking, equipment, and food. Dancing bears are extra.

Check out www.leandog.com for all of the gory details.


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