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Speaking at CodeMash!


I just received confirmation from the content coordinator, Jason, over at CodeMash.org, that I have been selected to present my "Networking for Nerds" topic.

Many of you are rolling your eyes.

Why Brian, you ask, how could you be surprised and excited? You are after all one of the many co-founders.

That is a very good question. The CodeMash tribe has set the bar so high for the quality of the content and speakers that we didn't want to assume that the planners would have be good enough. After all, what makes a good planner, doesn't neccesarily make a good speaker.

So, go register while you still can, and come check out the best tech event there is.

The Mad Russian is On the Air!

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Alexei is a long time friend of mine. We also happen to be co-workers. He is an egineer's engineer. Around our office, when referring to the skill set of a candidate for an opening, we use the term 'Alexei level' as a measuring stick.

He is also one of the smartest guys I know. He takes every challenge head on, and beats it soundly, or nags me to death until he does.

So I threw down the gauntlet. Alexei, I said, share some of that there know how.

Alexei, welcome to the blogosphere (gosh I hate that term.)

NHibernateRepository is published

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Told you I had a lot of free time today.

Dave Donaldson just published his NHibernateRepository assembly. Go read about it.

I normally don't like 'link to something else' posts, but this is really cool, and I know we will get some great use out of it, since we use NHibernate quite often on our projects.

Since I am linking to other posts, check out Jeff's post on 'Please advise...'. He and I share the same derision for this 'line'.


CodeMash Registration



CodeMash is coming soon! We finally have registration up. Go forth and attend.


Yet Another Conference Posting


No, this isn't about CodeMash, but there is big news for that as well right now.

I am at a local conference today. It is usually an OK conference, but it's not for developers, but for project managers. Usually, when I am at a conference, I write or talk about what sessions I am going to, and what I am learning, etc.

Not today. Today I paid $15 so I could get on the wifi, and use some free time to either play NWN2, or blog, of something.

I will listed with an ear or two, but there are only two sessions I am really excited about.

One of the biggest barriers I have seen to the adoption of agile practices is the PM's who think that they lose a job/control. In my experience, there is ten times as much planning on the project. It's that outside view (especially by PMs) that agile/xp is about cowboy programming. That it's just a revolt of developers against structure and process. That is so wrong on so many levels.

At this PM conference, there are several sessions on agile project management. Once our PMs went to these sessions a year or two ago, we were much better in our execution.