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Speaking at CincyPG


I have the honor of speaking at the Cincinnati Programmers Guild on August 29th, 2006. It's a Tuesday, at 6:30pm.

It will be my first formalized presentation on 'Networking for Deveopers'. The topic does not cover how to meet people in your industry, but rather what you need to know as a developer about networks.

Troy wrote a great abstract:

The talk is aimed at giving developers some useful insight into how our computers get hooked together, talk to each other and ultimately make our applications work. If you've ever spent too much time trying to track down a bug in your program that turned out to be a firewall issue or something else networking-related, then this discussion is for you. And if you don't know much about computer networks, it's a great time to learn before you're expected to know all about them for your next project.

If you are in the area, see if you can drop by and say hi!

Kellerman Software is on the air!

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A friend of mine, Greg Finzer, who is also a great developer, has launched a company to sell components for developers. Greg has a great way of distilling complex needs down to simple to use components. Check them out at www.kellermansoftware.com.

Why am I posting this? I like to support my friends. I also like to support people that have an idea, and take risks to at least try to make them a reality. There is nothing worse than forever wondering wether your idea would have worked or not.