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devLink has opened registration

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I could sit here and tell you about the great conference that devLink is, or how inexpensive (and cost effective it is), or say how awesome it was last year, or about the great speakers (and myself) that will be there. But I figured just pasting in their own well written announcement is enough. It’s call code reuse. I get to be a speaker again this year. While I doubt there will be a devLink bus this year (people still haven’t recovered from last year’s bus) but it would be cheap to get some buddies, and carpool down there. See you there!


     The devLink Technical Conference is pleased to announce it's fourth annual event - devLink 2009.  This year devLink will take place August 13 - 15 in Nashville, TN.  We have worked hard to bring you the best content possible at a price you can afford.  This year promises to be the best devLink ever with nearly 100 sessions offered over three days.  That's right, we have expanded devLink to a third day to allow even more content to be delivered to you.  The tentative list of sessions is available now so click here for more information

    We understand that economic hardships abound, so again devLink is brought to you at a price so reasonable that a ticket to devLink is less than two good technical books.  Now don't you think you will get more out of three days worth of content delivered by experienced professionals than a couple of books?  General admission tickets to devLink 2009 are $100, but if you buy your ticket before April 15 they are only $75.  So what are you waiting for? Get your ticket NOW!

     Since 2006, the devLink conference has sold out tickets before the deadline.  While we cannot control demand, we can control how many seats are available.  This year we return to the excellent facilities offered by Lipscomb University and with that expand our seating capacity to 800 people.  Space is limited and having a ticket to devLink 2009 is the only way you can assure admittance so get your ticket TODAY!


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