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You wanted more Wally?

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Wally McClure is a great leader in our .NET community. He is a very active podcaster and author. He tours our area regularly, speaking on SQL Performance, ASP.NET, and is now diving head first into Azure.

Some things he has been up to lately?

- Published an ebook on ASP.NET 3.5 SP1: http://www.wrox.com/WileyCDA/WroxTitle/New-Features-in-ASP-NET-3-5-Service-Pack-1.productCd-0470457341.html

- Several podcasts on Azure:



- A lap around ASP.NET 3.5 SP1:


- Caching in a 3.5 SP1 world:



So, go get your wally on!

SlideShare Sends PowerPoint to the Cloud


I like SlideShare. I surf it for ideas, and I always find something interesting. I don’t normally post about other articles or blogs too often, but I really found this as an interesting example of using the cloud to expand your existing offering in a horizontal way to provide more value to your users, as well as make your service a little more sticky.

And without further ado…


SlideShare, a startup that we’ve likened to a YouTube equivalent for PowerPoint presentations, has released a new plugin for Microsoft Office 2007 that allows users to edit and publish presentations directly to their SlideShare accounts. You can download the free plugin here.

Beyond publishing new PowerPoint documents to the web, the SlideShare plugin can import SlideShare files from the cloud (both your own and those that are shared by others), which can then be modified on your native PowerPoint client. The plugin features an integrated search so you can browse through files from your SlideShare contacts and groups, as well as support for Twitter and FriendFeed so you can broadcast a new presentation without leaving Office.


nPlus1.org hosts ArcSummit on Cloud Computing


nPlus1.org and Microsoft have teamed up to give a series of free ArcSummit events! The first of these events will be in less than two weeks on December 16th. I know it’s close to the holidays, but as things are winding down before vacations wouldn’t it be cool to spend some time with like-minded folks talking about how S+S and cloud computing can help your business and clients.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
12:00 PM (Noon) - 5:00 PM Eastern Time
Microsoft Office - Cincinnati
MPR Room
4605 Duke Drive
Suite 800 Mason Ohio 45040
The event will consist of presentations and open discussions on two topics:

  • How Software + Services may provide business value .
  • Cloud Computing in General and an Introduction to Windows Azure .

Lunch will be provided starting at noon.


If you haven’t checked out the nPlus1.org website, you need to do it right now. They are also looking for new authors and editors, if you want to get involved in the community.