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Software + Services in Plain English


I spend a lot of time explaining to customers and audiences what we mean when we say “Software plus Services”. In short, we believe that you need a mix of on site software, and services from the cloud. The exact mix of what is onsite vs. in the cloud is up to you, and what software piece is in which position is also up to you.

We are putting a lot of effort behind the concept, because we want the platforms and architecture to be flexible enough for you to find the right balance for you, but to also give you the ability to change that balance. I should be able to start something in the cloud, move it on premises as I need, and then maybe later back into the cloud.

The video is part of a meme on YouTube on explaining concepts ‘in plain English.’ It’s only about 4 minutes long, so take a look. And it uses paper dolls. How cool is that?


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