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SharePoint Pod Show - A Podcast All About SharePoint


SharePoint has become a huge product. Almost everywhere I go, someone is asking me about SharePoint. They either want to know how to develop on it or how to deploy it, or they want to find someone who knows how.

If you are looking for resources to learn more about SharePoint, I recommend a podcast by Rob, Nick and Brett. Their podcast is called “SharePoint Pod Show”. There are some good books out there, but hearing experience MOSS developers talk about it on a regular pod show really immerses you into the technology.

Their current show is about SharePoint skills, and how they fit into your career and the current ‘economy’. Their show is based on a recent poll. It’s very interesting. If you are into SharePoint, or have to work with it, I suggest you give them a spin.

Rob Roach said...
1/26/2009 08:15:00 PM  

And don't forget there is a great local SharePoint user group (Central Ohio SharePoint User Group - www.cospug.org)

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