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nPlus1.org is hosting another ArcSummit on 2/25/09

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nPlus1.org, a great web site that is helping architects become better architects is putting on another ArcSummit. This one will be in Columbus, Ohio on 2/25/2009. Microsoft is sponsoring, so it will be at the Microsoft office. The event goes from noon to 5pm, and we will be providing lunch.

The event will be partly presentation, and part fishbowl discussion, and will follow the same agenda as the ArcSummit in Cincinnati. Read the recap here.

We will start by talking about Software + Services, and what it can mean to your business. The second half will be a lap around Windows Azure, and how it works.

The nPlus1 team wants to keep the number of people at the event small so that the conversations can be richer, so sign up fast, they are capping it at 40 people.

To Register: http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032400944&Culture=en-US


Microsoft Office - Columbus
8800 Lyra Drive - 4th Floor
Suite 400 Columbus Ohio 43240



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