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TechEd 2006 - Be There!

It's spring cleaning time! What's different on my blog design?

Not only have I been working in the yard, but I ditched the Google Adsense banner today. I only added it because it was a simple check box when setting up blogger. I wanted to go through the process to see how it worked. I got sick of it lurking up there, so out it goes!

Second, I changed my stat provider to feedBurner, on Jim Holmes advice. I also added a RSS icon. Never noticed there wasn't one there. I just assumed there was one in the blogger template, but I guess not.

Third, and best, I have registered for Tech-Ed 2006! This is going to be awesome. I attended the PDC in LA this past fall, and met a lot of great people. This time I get to not only go to the conference, but also I have been asked to be a speaker! I was totally floored and honored when I was asked. I will be co-presenting with Keith Bauer, the district's Program Manager for BizTalk. Our topic will be "BizTalk Server Solution Lifecycle: Planning and Design (Part 1)". This will be a level 300 talk. The abstract is:

"Part one of a three-part series of sessions covering the design, implementation and management of a BizTalk Server solution. The first session covers the common scenarios where BizTalk is an appropriate solution and what questions you should be asking to develop appropriate timelines, resource plans and deliverables. This session provides experienced IT project managers, who may not have previously worked with BizTalk Server, the background needed to successful launch a BizTalk Server project. "

So, who else is going? If you are going, sometime before the event, you will be able to go to the TechEd site, and post requests for the session content. Let us know what details you want.


Ben Carey said...
4/04/2006 12:14:00 AM  

Congrats on speaking! I'm not sure if I'm going to make it yet, but I might have to show up :)

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