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HOAP in Cincinnati

Last Tuesday, Michael and I went to CINNUG to present our Hands on Agile Practices talk. This talk has been received well before, especially in Dayton. Something was in the air this time though. It might of been the Pepsi Michael pushed on me before the session started (I don't normally drink soda.)

The group was in a great mood, and we had a ball. The time flew by, and everyone was laughing and hollaring. CINNUG meets at a training center. In the room next door there was a trial session of their PM classes so that potential students could get a taste. I can only imagine that the room was filled with eager PM's to learn what these classes were like, and all they could hear was us carrying on in our room. I am sure many of them signed up for developer's classes that night. It was obvious developers have a lot more fun.

It was also good to retain my track record of filling the room at CINNUG as well! :)

All kidding aside, it was great to see the lights go on with some people. We had some excellant discussion after the session as well.

I have been through some great sessions that touch on the theory or pillars of agile/XP, but I always walked away wondering how I would implement those ideas in my shop. This talk is aimed at people who want to see how agile is actually used in a real shop. I make it clear that our practices are NOT the gold standard, but our take on the beliefs, and they may not work for other people.

We have tweaked our process so that it is easily adapted to the needs of our different clients and projects. We will remove deliverables or activities that won't provide value to the client, and the opposite. We will add deliverables or activities that will provide value to the client.

In the end, we have one core belief.

Do more of what works, and do less of what doesn't.

Remember that everyday, and you will always get better. There are other beliefs we have, but that is the first fundamental one.



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