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Windows 7 Under the Hood Talk

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I have been really impressed with Windows 7 since the early internal builds I was allowed to use. I am still constantly amazed how a new version of a product (of any product from any company) can have more features, have a larger kernel, support more hardware, and be faster, lighter, and easier to use. I don’t think that has every happened before.

I decided, just for fun, that I wanted to learn why this is the case. Did we remove some long forgotten sleep loop in the kernel? Or did we just delete all of the verbose comments and validation checks?

It turns out it was none of those things. And so I set out to put together a talk on the subject. I just think the internals is very interesting, and insight into how things work can make troubleshooting easier.

While I do put a lot of time into preparing a new talk (60-80 hours), I still like to beta test a talk with a smaller, intimate audience. David Giard provided me with such an audience with his internal user group at Sogeti in Michigan. During the Real World Azure Roadshow, he invited in to try out my talk. I figured, worst case was I could just leave town if it didn’t go well.

I think it went fairly well for a maiden cruise. I have a lot of polish to add. After the meeting, he invited me on his Technology and Friends webcast. He has published the episode, and you should go check it out.

Dave has invented a new drinking game. Every time I use a metaphor in a talk, you have to take a drink. Don’t blame me, he thought it up. That is what the reference is to when he grabs my water for a sip near the end.



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