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Another Event: WinMoDevCamp

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My buddy Jon Box will be presenting at the WinMoDevCamp in Memphis. The event is on 9/29 from 6p to 8p, which is next Tuesday.

From the announcement:

We're really excited to announce a barcamp style event, called WinMoDevCamp, for the upcoming Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 OS! The event inspired by BarCamp, SuperHappyDevHouse, and MacHack, iPhoneDevCamp and préDevCamp to develop applications (local and web based) for mobile devices that run the Windows Mobile 6.5 Operating System. Attendees will include mobile developers, web developers, .NET Developers, UI designers, and testers, all working together. Development projects will include both solo and team efforts. While some attendees will wish to work solo during the event, we encourage attendees to team up, based on expertise, to work in ad-hoc project development teams. All attendees should be prepared to work on a development project during the event. Attendees will be able to: Learn about the upcoming platform, the roadmap, and the launch program. Create new applications for the Windows Mobile Platform. Migrate existing mobile applications from the iPhone, Blackberry and Palm Pre to the Windows Mobile Platform Create applications to support Windows Enterprise Applications Learn about Race To Market Challenge, a contest for mobile developers where someone could earn fame and big prizes. Eat a good dinner. Bring your laptop, loaded with VS 2008, a Windows Mobile 6.1 SDK Refresh and Windows Mobile 6.5 DTK. Otherwise, follow along on a friend's laptop, or just listen along.

Event URL: http://mnug.net/blogs/news/archive/2009/09/09/next-meeting-tuesday-september-29-2009-6-00-pm.aspx

Event info on User Group Support Services: https://www.usergroupsupportservices.com/UGEventView.ugss?EventID=7671


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