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Take and find notes with MS Recite on your phone


I have always wanted to be able to just speak into my phone to store simple reminders.

There is the voice note application built in, but it just doesn’t work smoothly for me. And you end up with all of these .wav files all over the place.

There is 'jott', where you call a number to save your reminder. They turn it into text, and send it to your inbox. I tried it a few years ago, but I never really fell in love it.

While these two mechanisms work ok, they both make retrieval difficult once you have built up a fair amount of recordings.

Microsoft Research has released a CTP of some technology they have been developing. Recite is a Windows Mobile application. You simply click “Remember” to record all of your reminders. Click “Search” to ask your notes a question. Recite figures out what you are asking, and finds the related recorded note. Watch the video below, and get all of the latest information at http://recite.microsoft.com. Just thinking about how they have to search a series of voice recordings, with a voice recording is mind bending.

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-US&amp;playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:1cf330f0-7863-401a-ba91-c3013ed1e03c&amp;showPlaylist=true&amp;from=msnvideo" target="_new" title="Microsoft Recite">Video: Microsoft Recite</a>


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