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Build a Silverlight game, win $5,000


This is how you can score an easy $5,000. Think up, design, and build an awesome game in Silverlight. Just submit it to the Server Quest II contest site. Then get all of your friends and family to vote for it. The game with the most votes wins some awesome cash.

The deadline is 78 days from now, so go get cracking.

The website has a cool trailer, done in the 16bit graphics style of yore. Really funny stuff. But your game can be on anything, it doesn’t have to sync up with the Server Quest plot.

<br/><a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=182f88a2-d194-4938-a6c2-86d2a41f490f" target="_new" title="Server Quest Trailer">Video: Server Quest Trailer</a>

How about a package delivery and retrieval simulator, that is multiplayer, and allows you to collect equipment, cash, and friends? Call it FedCraft.

Or a real time strategy game that is centered around giant configurable robots doign battle with a background story about different clans competing for a diminishing pool of critical resources. Call it WreckWarrior.

Perhaps a puzzle game that tracks progress in a community leader board way mixed with a bureaucracy simulator, where you get to cut red tape with a giant pair of laser scissors. RedTris?

They did this contest last year, and it had some really great games come out of it.

Of course you should check out the site for all of the real details and contest rules.

Matt Casto said...
2/15/2009 08:07:00 PM  

Just a note - while all your game ideas are great, several of them require network access which is forbidden by the contest rules.

"•The game cannot require or allow any external communication (i.e.no send to a friend components, etc.)"

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