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TheUMLGuy is on the air


Many of you in the community may know Martin Shoemaker, either personally or by name. He has done a great deal for the community in the West Michigan area, and has been an MVP for a while.

He is a noted UML trainer, and is a big believer in UML as a discussion aid in designing systems (he, like I, draws the line at thinking UML can generate system code for you).

He has FINALLY started blogging at http://TheUMLGuy.spaces.live.com. Subscribed! His first post, which will ship later today, will be a video on the new UML features in Rosario.

Also, he has a UML class coming up :

UML Applied: From Customers to Code.
June 16, 8:30 - 4:00 at
The Kalamazoo Air Zoo.

It's a one day class, so it's easy in & out.

If you sign up and say which user group you are a part of (regardless of type, so .NET, java, agile, etc.) then he will give you a 10% discount, and donate 5% to your user group. Now that is community support! I would love to see more vendors do that.

If you go, just don't mention Vista Speech APIs or tablets. You will derail him for hours. :)


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