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Deep Fried Bytes Podcast, ep2.


Keith Elder and Chris Woodruff have joined forces to start a podcast called 'Deep Fried Bytes'. The focus is going to be on pragmatic, hear-and-now technology, and related war stores.

The first episode was an introductory cast. The second podcast was recorded at the MVP summit, in the lobby bar of the W. It was a lot of fun. We tried to discuss interviewing war stories, and related advice, but half of it turned into a treatise on the 'using' statement (which in and of itself is worth listening to).

I normally don't listen to podcasts because I learn faster by reading, and I don't spend a lot of time in cars typically (unless on travel). Because my Zune makes it so easy to subscribe to podcasts, I have started subscribing with it. That way, when I am traveling, I have a ton load of content to listen to as I drive.

Woody said...
6/03/2008 01:19:00 PM  

Thanks Brian for the great review and thoughts about DFB. We value your opinion and thank you for keeping us on the Zune!!

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