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Zune v2


The new Zune's are out. The tv ads are quite 'abstract'. You should check them out on YouTube (or wherever). The famous pink bunny one is my favorite.


Video: Zune TV Spot

There are some great new features. I like the new zunePad interface (since I still have a v1, I looked at the V2 hardware in the store). But my favorite feature is the new wireless syncing. I have been asking for this feature for years. I want to leave the Zune in my car, and when I pull into the garage, have it connect to my computer over wifi to sync. That's just awesome! And there is awesome support for podcasting. A great feature there is that you can unsubscribe form a pod cast on the device. When you go into the marketplace, there are hundreds of podcast series available, most for free. You can also provide your own URL if you want. You can change some settings for each series. Such as how many of the shows to keep (from just the newest one, to all of them), what order they should be played in, and when/how they should be sync'd (for example, only sync unlistened/partially listended to episodes)

The new colors and models (flash based, and new hard drive sizes) are cool too. But the brown is still my favorite. Hear that world? BROWN is my favorite.

Oh, but what is the iPod killer feature? (And I am saying this having never used or owned an iPod before, so I have little or no credibility.) It seems that every year or so, Apple releases new iPod models ('innovation'). These new features are only on the new models. So if you want that new feature (audible support perhaps), you have to buy a new iPod. All of the new features that are now dependent on v2 hardware (tv out) (wireless sync is v1 compatible) are downwards compatible to the Zune v1. Yes! I just have to update the software/firmware, and I get all of the new features. (well, except for the new zunepad interface thingy, which is a physical feature after all). I don't want to take anything away form Apple's iPod success, but it seems that the iPod is a treadmill. The new versions come out, and you have to buy a new one to get that new feature. I haven't heard of any of these devices every being forward compatible or upgradeable. That is an awesome story. There are lots of people buying three or four units from woot (v1 zunes for $85 or so). That's a great deal.

This v2 is a complete overhaul of the hardware, the ROM, and the desktop software. I can't wait to see quicker releases with new features more than once a year. But, since xmas is the driving force for buying these, I bet the major feature releases will still target the holidays.

The new desktop software/online presence is awesome! There is the social, a zunecard (like xbox cards), watch what your friends are listening to so you can sample or buy it. I like the now playing interface. Its a poster wall of the cover art of all of your albums. Elements appear and fade as needed. Very minimalist while not being bare.


Anyway, you have to check this stuff out. The UI is smooth, fast, really cool. I have over 4500 pictures on my zune. With the old software, it was really slow. The new software doesn't skip a beat.

The Zune team has done a truly fabulous job.


Oh, and did I mention it can now wirelessly sync?

Tim said...
11/13/2007 05:48:00 PM  

Sounds intriguing, this "zune" of which you speak. However, if I purchase one of these "zunes" will it's proprietary software for syncing crash my computer every so often? Will it randomly make my device appear empty but still full of files marked "other?" And most importantly, will it's re-cataloging of my library put two, three, or four copies of the same song in it's library window? If the "zune's" desktop software can't provide those inconveniences, I really don't see the need to purchase one.

Brian H. Prince said...
11/14/2007 04:07:00 PM  

@Tim (if that is even your real name)
a- I don't care if you buy one or not. I am happy with it.
b- I haven't had those issues. Perhaps it's PLBKAC.
c- The new software was written from the ground up for v2 (and the site, and the ROMs).
d- It's sounds like you live in a dark world. You probably use tables for web development. How many black helicopters follow you around?
e- And the new features are backward compatible (who else has done that?) and it wifi syncs.


Tim said...
11/14/2007 04:21:00 PM  

Mr. Prince...no, Tim is not my real name, I usually go by "James." I only use tables for web development because the more markup, the better. And, my previous comment was in reference to that killer app of all killer apps...iTunes. By killer, I mean kills my machine, my day, and my hope of a new tomorrow.

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