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Jeff's first JUXtapose

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Jeff Blankenburg, the Dev Evangelist for the Microsoft Heartland District has launched a new screencast series titled JUXtaposed. JUX stands for Jeff on User Experience. Or Jeff Unglues Xylophones.

His first screencast is a quick 10 minute walk through of some simple animation in XAML using Expression. What I like about his 'cast is that it isn't perfect. Smooth demos are nice, but when there are small mistakes, the speaker gets to show you how to debug and fix things. That is a very handy skill when you are trying to learn something new.

I hear he is going to do 25 of these.


The best part? He chose to pimp CodeMash by animating our logo! And it only took him 10 minutes. Thanks Jeff.

Matt Casto said...
11/03/2007 10:05:00 AM  

Jeff's Underwear eXplodes.

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