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Now Hiring!


We have several open positions on my team (located in central Ohio). We are looking for passionate, thinking developers with good experience in C#, Smart Clients, and SOA. If you are interested please send me your contact information.

Also, we are adding a person to our Connected System Team. You have to love SOA/ESB, able to travel a bit, have good consulting skills, and experience (at least some) with BizTalk, XML, XSLT,  and .NET. Your fist six months to a year will be in a apprentice role because we find it very hard to find it easier to groom and train the right person. We do a lot of work with Microsoft, and it is a lot of fun! In the past year we have been building a lot of ESBs, but there is the fair amount of traditional integration work. Many projects are POC in nature.

You should already have a good sense of what we look for if you have read this blog recently.

Check out my profile for my email address.


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