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Pro BizTalk 2006 Not Book Review


A book from Apress just came out called Pro BizTalk 2006 by George Dunphy and Ahmed Metwally. I don't know them, but I know Marty, who wrote the forward

This is not a book review. I don't do that. I don't have the patience to think deep enough about a book, to reflect on it, and comment on it with the depth a potential would expect. Jim does a great job doing that, so I will leave it to him.

But, I do categorize books on a simple continuum, and it goes something like this:

0- what? you killed a tree for this?

1- well thanks for the effort, I guess I wasn't the right audience

2- learned a lot, will keep for reference reasons, and loan it generously

3- my eyes are so wide open now they hurt in full sunlight

4- I will make whoever I can read this, even if it is against their will. I will buy them a copy and ship it to them without telling them.

This book is squarely in category four, if you are a BizTalk developer/architect. I am continually amazed at the quality of books from Apress. Wrox had good books, very timely, but they tended to be more 'beta' in content than solid.

So, if you are into BizTalk, this is a great book, but only breeze through the first chapter or two. If you are trying to get into BizTalk, it is also a great book. If you are looking for romance, I would probably direct you to the open source aisle.

How do get it? I prefer Barnes & Noble. I don't do the affiliate program or anything, just providing the link as a service.

George Dunphy said...
11/17/2006 11:30:00 AM  

Hi Brian,

This is George Dunphy - lead author for Pro BizTalk 2006. I just saw your "non-review" and I wanted to respond to your post. Thanks for your kind words,I'm glad you are getting value out of the book. It was really a group effort and there were a number of contributors that made up all the content so I can't take credit for everything. Marty Wasznicky was a huge help for us and got us a number of the samples and wrote the exception management piece in Chapter 6 in addition to writing the forward. Again, glad you like the book and wanted to personally say thanks.


Ahmed Metwally said...
11/17/2006 01:45:00 PM  

Hi Brian, this is Ahmed. I would also like to extend my thanks for the wounderful "non-" review.
I am glad you know Marty. He is an awesome guy and his contribution to the content was super valuable. Most of the great information on perf tuning and as George mentioned the amazing exceptions patterns were all Marty's.
I am glad you liked the book and I hope you continue to find it useful.


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