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Announcing the CodeMash Conference 2007!


It has been almost a year since a bunch of us had met at a Japanese restaurant last winter to discuss a new type of event. We had all delivered one day conferences before, and had success. But we wanted more, and we thought attendees did as well.

We wanted something that spoke to technology a little further up the though chain. Instead of a whole day on how to do .NET, we wanted sessions on topics that affect all developers. Better architecture. Better development practices. Better guidance.

We also wanted to learn more about our own platforms by learning about other platforms.

To that end, we have formed an Ohio Non Profit organization whose goal is to put on technical education conferences. The first conference will be CodeMash Conference 2007.

It will be held at the Kalahari, in Sandusky, Ohio on January 18th and 19th, 2007.

We have arranged some major sponsors, and even more importantly, some GREAT speakers.

Great Speakers? YES! Bruce Eckel, Neal Ford, and Scott Guthrie! Check the site out for more information. We have other speakers in process, but we can't announce them quite yet.

This is not another .NET or Microsoft conference. Those are great. We are trying to reach out and lift developers above their platform. These platforms are just the tools we are using today.

The site has just been launched in a basic form, with an upgrade coming soon to allow for attendee registration.

Please check it out and registration for email updates, or subscribe to the RSS feed.



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