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BizTalk 2006 First Look Clinic : Great Time!

We just finished our clinics in this area. We did one in Columbus on the 7th, and one in Detroit on the 8th. A friend and colleague was going to conduct the Detroit clinic, but he was held over in India, so I got to do it. I had a great time.

The clinics were well attended, and I could tell that most people were into them. If you would like the 'books' that were handed out, please let me know. I can send you the PDFs.

Half way through the morning in Columbus, I spilled some orange juice on my laptop's keyboard. It stopped working (go figure!), and I became trapped in a Virtual PC, so I couldn't jump out and move on with the slide deck. I had to do some fancy dance moves while someone went out back to rummage up a USB keyboard. That fixed the problem. The keyboard has since been replaced. I will NEVER EVER again mock a fellow speaker when their demos go awry! Drew, I have learned my lesson. Of course the mocking was always in good humor.

I have also just helped a client deploy BTS2004 into their production environment. They have a new application they are deploying for the first time. I think it is great that they are using BTS, but unfortunately, they won't go to BTS06 until their release after BTS06 has been RTM'd. That should take another month or two until we can get them upgraded.

Deploying BTS04 has reminded me about all the pains and problems BTS04 had. Setting it up, configuring it, and deploying applications. It borders on black magic. BTS06 fixes so many of these issues. I kept having to dig into old memories to remember how to do things the BTS04 way. Things are so much better in BTS06. Over and over, I would say, "Well, in 06, this would be easier."



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