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New Bits for Atlas - December CTP

Nikhil and the Atlas team have pushed some new bits at http://atlas.asp.net. They have made an amazing jump forward with their platform. Some of the big changes:

- Partial updates with the update panel control. This lets a trigger action on the client do a virtual post back using callbacks. On the server side you have the rich event and stateful object model you are used to. The server then renders only the part of the page that maps to the update panel in question. This could potentially lead to a postback-less web app. That wouldn't necessarily be my goal, but I would like to get rid of past backs that are on the same page.

- ScriptManager upgrade: The SM has had a major upgrade. You can run it in a new 'runtime' mode that provides the OOP features, without all of the atlas controls and other stuff. That is awesome, because one of my favorite features of Atlas is how they turn JavaScript into a real OO language. The SM can also be used to create references to services, so you don't need to write any more script tags. I thought that this was cool though. Also, although it is still supported, the slash-js format isn't needed anymore. Adding references to your own scripts will now be easier with a singleton-like access to the SM. Also, the SM will now ship with prod and debug script libraries. It will detect the setting for debug in the web.config and load the proper libraries.

- Many of the Atlas controls will be going away, to be replaced with 'extenders'. These will be similar to how you would tack on behaviors to a control. They extend the normal ASP.net controls to provide Atlas functionality, like auto-complete.

Check out the full blog post at .



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