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Atlas Presentations

The Thursday night presentation to CONDG went really well. The only slow part was where we (Michael and myself) relied on too much typing during the code demos. We are presenting the same talk at CINNUG this Tuesay, and plan to modify how much code we write on the fly.

I have found this great Atlas resource on the net. Wilco Bauwer has posted a tool that uses to reflection to help document the framework. This has been a great help to me in trying to learn Atlas, and get it to do what I want. It also helps in findig the holes in the current bits. For example, there isn't a server side service manager component yet. You still have to use the client side control. Wilco also some great Atlas postings on his blog as well.

I will soon publish the slide deck, code, and resource URLs on the related user group sites soon. When I send them out to the UG owners, I will post them here as well.

I have found some conflicts when you put a hyphen in the ID attribute of the atlas:panel server control. Hopefully that will be resolved in the next set of bits.

Once I get a good sample app put together, the next feature I will implement is using BizTalk web services to process some rules from the web client.

On another note, there are several good AJAX frameworks for .NET floating around out there. Dave and James say that Ajax.net is a really good one. I haven't worked with any besides Atlas, and I don't plan too. As Atlas rolls into procuction, it will become the defacto standard, with other controls and parts of ASP.NET built to leverage this. Since part of my app will already be using ATLAS, I don't want other parts to use some other framework. Consider Infragistics controls for example. Several of them (including the grid and tree) use their own AJAX pipes to connect to teh server. I can see this raising conflicts, as well as bloating the client side code with more and more javascript references and frameworks. Hoepfully Infragistics will migrate their stuff over to Atlas, when Atlas is ready. We shall see.



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