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So, *, right?

Just spent a week at Microsoft [I will go into why later].

I have noticed that all MS speak follows this expression:
"So.... [insert stuff here]...., right?"

At first I noticed this months ago with speakers at the local and regional level. But after the PDC and a week in Redmond, I have decided it is pervasive.

Now, this is not a negative/beatdown post. This isn't even a grammarian rant. Just an observation.

While at Mistral having dinner, Javier Mariscal and I discussed this weird thing. At first I thought it was a result of MS trying to fix it's perceived arrogance, by asking for confirmation in every statement, and by starting with SO, in an attempt to appear passive (or at least not aggressive).

I am guessing that it merely spread, as a meme so to speak, to everyone in the MS space. I have found though, that it seems to permeate every said now, to the point that it is obstructing the message. In a 1 hour meeting, I could 27 'rights' from one person. Just too funny. We were going to base a drinking game on the concept, but I don't think I can hold that much liquor.

Also, Drew Robbins and I noticed, at the PDC, that the word "Super" has been completely co-opted by any executive at MS. It was 'super'-this, and 'super'-that. I would think these brilliant people could come up with something more sophisticated to convey their excited in the all of this great new technology. The word super just seems to cheapen it for me.

So, What do you think?



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