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ATE at the launch

'THE' launch is finally upon us.

Which launch? The launch of Visual Studio 2005 (which includes alot!), BizTalk 2006 (really a paper launch), and SQL Server 2005. This is BIG stuff! These products have already completely reformed how we do .NET development. I think this is a bigger jump than the one from Studio 2000 to Studio 2003, from a tools perspective. What they alone have done to the traditionally opaque and obtuse BizTalk tools is fabulous.

The closest launch event to us is in Detroit, MI on Nov 8th. Since so many of us are going, we have arranged for a bus from Columbus. We are leaving around 4:30am, and will be getting back around 9:00pm. There are some seats left, so drop me an email if you would like one. I am not sure if we will have to split costs, or if this will be 'complimentary' from my company. We shall see.

What is happening at the launch? Check this out, and don't forget to register. To me, it seems like a mini-TechEd. And the best part (there's more besides being in geek-nirvana?) You get a free, honest, real, production license of both VS2005 and SQL Server 2005. No gimmics. No timeouts, and no vacation condo sales pitch.

I was asked to be a co-presenter on the last BizTalk session, but we were bumped for scheduling reasons. Too bad. I was really looking forward to it. I just love talking to groups of geeks. The more the better. I have been asked to be at the 'Ask the Experts' area. I think that will be a lot of fun, and I will get to interact with a lot more people in a one on one manner.

I hope to see you there!


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