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Need some Azure training?


My good friend Wes Brock just let me know that Wintellect will be offering a 2 day training course on how to build applications for Azure for $499. The course will be delivered by Paul Mehner, online. This is great news, so you don’t have to travel to sit in on the class. The training will be on October 21-22, 2009.

The course will cover:

Section 1 - Introduction and Overview of the Azure Services Platform

· Intro to the Azure Services Platform

· Intro to Windows Azure Services

· Intro to .NET Services

· Intro to SQL Azure (future)

· Service Registration and setup

Section 2 - Windows Azure Services

· Visual Studio “Cloud Service” Projects

· Configuration of your Windows Azure application

· Deployment of your Windows Azure application

· Load Balancing Infrastructure

· Use of Azure with non-Microsoft technologies (future)

Lab 1a: Setup of your Windows Azure Account

Lab 1b: Develop and deploy your first Windows Azure Application

Section 3 - Microsoft .NET Azure Services and Windows Communication Foundation

· WCF Service Contracts

· WCF Bindings for Microsoft .NET Azure Services

· WCF Security for Microsoft .NET Azure Services

· Introduction to the Service Bus Environment

· Deployment of your Azure .NET Services

Lab 2a: Setup of your Azure .NET Services Account

Lab 2b: Develop and deploy your first Azure .NET Service

Section 4 - Microsoft .NET Service Bus

· Architecture

· Relay Service

· Integration with Access and Orchestration Services

· Service Name Resolution

· Service Registry and Discoverability

· Supported Protocols and Ports

· Support for QOS using WS-ReliableMessaging (*currently unsupported)

· Message Queuing

· Message Routing

Lab 3a: Develop and deploy your second Azure .NET Service

Lab 3b: Add queuing functionality

Lab 3c: Add routing functionality

Section 5 - Microsoft .NET Relay Service (part of .NET Services)

· Architecture

· WCF Relay Bindings

Section 6 - Understanding Identity and Claims-based Security

· Claims Based Security Intro

· Identity Providers

o Integrated

o Live

o Card Spaces

o X.509 Certificates

o Others

· Claims & Claim Transformations

Lab 6a: Modify your service application to make it “claims aware”

Lab 6b: Create Card Space cards for your application

Lab 6c: Create X509 certificate for your application

Section 7 – Securing Your Service with Microsoft Access Control Services

· Architecture of ACS

· Registration of Identity Providers

· Claim Transformations

Lab 7a: Establish an Identity Provider for your service application

Lab 7b: Create claim transformations to support your service application

Section 8 – Error Handling and Diagnostics

· Exceptions and Faults

· Impact of Exceptions on your service application

· Soap Faults

· Creating and throwing Faults

· Fault Declarations

· Unhandled exceptions and the Dispatcher

· Message Logging

· Event Logging

· Tracing

· Performance Counters

Lab 8a: Adding custom faults to your service application / processing service faults

Lab 8b: Add and interpret message logging and diagnostics from your service and sender applications


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