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Thrive for Developers is online

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A little while back I wrote about a site called Thrive for IT Pros. We have launched a similar site for developers called Thrive for Developers. Microsoft has always been good about giving the information and tools developers need to build great software. Thrive is a way for  us to go beyond that. To help you learn the tools you need for your career, how to be a better developer, and do more with what you have already.

I was really excited to be asked to be a part of this launch. Many of you have seen the Soft Skillz talk that I have done over the past year. They have also brought together a lot of content from the community, as well as tools to help you find that next job.

That Soft Skillz talk originated out of a farewell talk I did as I left my team at Quick Solutions. It focused on retelling the lessons we had learned over my time there, so I could pass on some of our culture and tribal knowledge to the next generation of the team.

The talk evolved, and became very popular. When I heard about the new Thrive site, I pitched it to the team, to see if it could be part of the content. I was going to turn the talk into a screencast anyway, so why not have a place to host it? They accepted, and I started breaking the show down into 7 minute chunks. Way faster than an 8 minute show, and of course 6 minutes would too short, you wouldn’t even be able to get your heart rate going..

The first four episodes are up:

Driving Your Career - Soft Skills to Move You Forward

Sit shotgun with Brian Prince in “Driving Your Career” – a 32-week screencast series that explores the new skills developers need to thrive. Brian will tackle relevant topics including quick learning techniques, how to manage your career, how to build consensus, and the always-tricky task of talking to humans. Brian will share his expertise of being a manager, a consultant, and many other roles over his career, to help you succeed in yours.

  • Week 1 - It’s always darkest before the dawn  |  WMV MP3
  • Week 2 - How I learned that humans don’t care about technology  |   WMV MP3
  • Week 3 - Always have a mentor  |  WMV MP3
  • Week 4 - Body language doesn’t use CSS  |  WMV MP3

So please check them out, and even more importantly, forward the link to anyone you know that is struggling in their career, or in finding a job.

Anonymous said...
2/01/2010 04:34:00 PM  

It looks like the links to the last few episodes are incorrect. I keep checking back and I hope I can listen to the last couple weeks. It looks like there are some really intresting sessions that I can't get to yet. Thanks for your help. Here is the link that I have been using: http://www.msdnevents.com/thrivedev/DriveCareer/

Brian H. Prince said...
2/02/2010 01:19:00 PM  

We are looking into the problem, and hope to have it fixed in the next day. Thanks for watching the show.

Also, I have moved my blog to www.brianhprince.com.

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