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Whitepaper on Windows Azure has been posted

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You have likely heard about Windows Azure by now. We made a very big announcement at the PDC today about it. Windows Azure is our Cloud OS. It will allow you to run .NET code in the sky, in a dynamic, scalable, and manageable way. We have also announced Live Services, .NET Services, and SQL Services. These services sort of stack on each other. Think of Azure as your Server OS. SQL provides data related services, etc.

Azure will support web facing, interactive, stateless applications. These applications run in an instance called a ‘Web Role.’ You can also host code that just performs asynchronous work, called a ‘Worker Role.’ The Worker Role might host a WCF service fed by a queue for example.

You will be able to develop and test locally using the Azure Fabric locally, and then only deploy to the cloud when you are ready.

David Chappell wrote a great whitepaper on our new services platform, and explains some expected customer scenarios. It walks through our services platform very nicely. Check it out the whitepaper on Azure Services Platform.


Check out the following links for more information:


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