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ARCast.TV episode Live!

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A few months ago I sat down with Jim Holmes and Philip Jordan at Quick Solutions to talk about an elegant way to handle a difficult scenario.

ARCast.TV - Jim Holmes and Philip Jordan on Excel Services


They often have customers with complex business logic in Excel, and the customer often thinks they want a new application to replace this. But the users also want to be able to update not only the business data, but the business MODELS. Trying to do this can be difficult, so Jim and Philip turned to MOSS, and Excel Services.

Excel Services allows the user to publish their spreadsheets to their consumers. The consumers use the sheet in the browser. They don’t need Excel on the desktop. The great thing is the Intellectual Property of the business model is safe, because the end consumer only ever gets to see the output of the models, not the math behind the models.

Anyway, please check it out. It’s only 20 minutes long. This is my first Arcast episode, and I really want to do several more.

Joe Wirtley said...
8/25/2008 01:46:00 PM  

Hey Brian, as a new Zune owner, I'm wondering why I didn't see the ARCast series in the Zune Marketplace?

Brian H. Prince said...
8/26/2008 09:27:00 PM  

It used to be. I will have to let them know it is not showing up. Perhaps with the change over from Ron, some things were changed.

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