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Rocking CONDG Meeting


So, I am a little late in posting about the CONDG December meeting.

This December, like usual, we had joined out November and December meeting into one, and chose a light topic, with an XBOX party afterwards.

I presented a quick lap around all of Visual Studio 2008, and .NET Framework 3.5. Jeff supplied me with a bunch or slide decks about all of the new features, and I Frankensteined a deck together.

Jeff announced that he had a limited number of FREE copied of VS2008 to give out, if people pre-registered.

We normally get about 50-60 attendees at each meeting. That night, there were 120! It was very crowded, with people sitting on the floor, and out in the hall.

I have to say, it was one of the most fun speaking engagements I have ever done.

After the meeting we played Guitar Hero III and Rock Band. Everyone had a great time!


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