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CodeMash v2008 Registration is NOW LIVE!


We have put a lot of work in refactoring how the registration process works this year. It wasn't 'bad' last year, but we made it a little nicer. We added a section for tracking demographics. This will help us plan the content this year, as well as show our potential sponsors that awesome audience they will have access to. Remember, without sponsors, our registration prices wouldn't be this low.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO RESERVER YOUR OWN HOTEL ROOM. Details on how to do this will be included in the receipt email you receive after registering.

Thanks to the efforts of the team, especially the volunteer testers, we have just pushed a new build that includes registration. This new build also includes a new title graphic, and an upgraded session submitter form, plus some copy changes here and there.

We also just send out the emails with Alumni discount codes. The from address was registration at spammers suck codemash dawt org. Please check your spam filter in case you didn't just get it.

Please email the above address if you didn't get it.

Speakers from last year will also receive a discount code. If you have submitted a talk this year, hold out until you find out if your session was selected or not. If you are, you will be given a speaker registration code instead.

Please be gentle on the registration form. We will be upgrading it soon for mass registrations (my company sent about 20 people last year).

Anyway, the team is doing a great job with all of the planning for this year. I think it is going to rock more than last year.


So, time for bed. G'night.


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