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Bad News: PDC is delayed

I was really looking forward to the PDC this fall. It is my favorite conference, and I love hooking up with all my conference buddies. I never fail to meet 20 new people every time (usually due to Drew and Josh).

Don't get me wrong, TechEd is great. But in a year when both are on the schedule, I usually go to just the PDC. I can't take two major conferences that close together.

Since the PDC was scheduled for this early fall, I passed on going to TechEd, preferring to wait for the PDC.

Microsoft just announced that the PDC will be delayed. The PDC is about giving developers insight into where the platform is going, and what is around the bend. Microsoft felt that the latest wave was so big, that it would be premature to hold a PDC at this time.

PDC has never been a regularly scheduled event. It has always been about giving leading edge developers insight into the next wave, and timed to do that, based on when that wave was coming. But with the current wave so big, developers are being completely overwhelmed with it.

I just wish Microsoft had announced this a month ago. I would have had time to make arrangements to attend TechEd instead. On the PDC site they do list other conferences, but I have never been to any of those listed. I did have a friend go to VSLive! Orlando, and he felt it was a waste of time, and thought the organizers didn't really care. Based on his input, I don't know if I want to spend the money or the time going to VSLive!. Maybe DevConnections? Any thoughts?

I still do plan on going to the SOA/BPM conference in October on campus.

Keith Elder said...
5/28/2007 09:16:00 PM  

We shall miss you fine sir at TechEd this year!

ben carey said...
6/03/2007 02:19:00 PM  

I did the same thing (passed on TechEd for the PDC). If the announcement was a little earlier I would have registered for TechEd as well.

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