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Busy, so Busy!

I have finally caught a break in my schedule, and have spent the week digging out, and planning for the next few big months. We have so much going on, sometimes I think the windows are going to burst!

We are:

- ramping up several new projects

- ramping up several new people (which is the real work priority)

- because of those two, space is becoming a rarity, and we have few options when it comes to getting more

- much travel/speaking/demos/POCs/Perf Labs

- we are trying to get a new offering off of the ground

- a ton of side projects that I wish I could focus on more

- Spinning up the last of our hardware plan for the year (TRON, our new virtual server server)

- Reading four books, and and writing their reviews (I was asked by Wrox, and it sounded fun)

- trying to keep some game time in (COD3, Supreme Commander, C&C3. Still waiting for HDTV to finish Oblivion)

- the full soccer schedule kicking off with the family

- CodeMash v2 planning is starting up


What do I have coming up?

1. Training people on BizTalk Server 2006 next week in Nashville

2. VTS Summit in San Diego week after that

3. Finish a POC in Dayton

4. Prepare for some speaking engagements

5. Speaking at Ann Arbor Day of .NET (5/5/2005)

6. Believe of not, vacation at our company condo!


Did I mention we are desperately recruiting good .NET and BizTalk people?

So, I hope to get back on the wagon. I averaged about one post a week last year, and I would like to improve on that. And I need to finish the consulting guidelines series I started on here. I need a few infinite weekends to get caught up.


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