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My Zune

I was fortunate enough to receive a Zune from Microsoft as a gift because of my support of the community and work on CodeMash. I chose a brown one. I didn't want white, because heaven forbid it was seen as copying an iPod. And while Black would fit the 'Darth Vader' image I seem to cultivate (long, inside story; I don't force choke people or anything), I just didn't like the look. The brown I think has a real nice look to it.

I have to preface this with a statement on my views on music. I love music. I enjoy music. I appreciate all that music, and it's history means to our global culture. I love Techno, electronica, and other similar stuff. That means I love KMFDM, Rage against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Lords of Acid, etc. I just don't listen to music.

I would if I could, but I just don't have the opportunity too often. I drive six miles to work, and typically listen to talk radio in the car (conservative in the morning, and liberal in the evening, so that I get a balanced view on the world.) That means there isn't time to listen to music, and I don't want one more task every time I get in the car to wire up the Zune (or any other player.)

I am also not an audiophile. Equipment that sounds good to me might make others queezy.

While I work, I am talking, moving, writing, etc so much so that music would just distract me. I am also rarely in my office.

So anyway, I have never had or wanted an MP3 player, because I know I wouldn't use it very often. If I had a long commute (it used to be a little of an hour each way), or rode on a subway/train/bus, then I would want one really bad.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy to have one.

The software works well for me, but this whole music/syncing/viewing thing is new to me. I do wonder why the Zune software is separate from WMP11. I am guessing it is because they wanted to differentiate it from the competitors, and make sure it didn't look like they monopolistic in using WMP11.

Squirting (which is a terrible choice of term) is shooting a song/album to another Zune owner. This is cool. I have done it with several people at the airport, etc. It is very fast, sending a song in only a second or two.

I do fly a lot now, and so I will be using it mostly on planes, etc. I was able to watch a movie on it quite comfortably. The battery lasted very long, surviving at least six hours, playing movies, before I charged it. I am sure it could have kept going, but I try to charge and sync before and after trips, so that it is always ready to go.

I think the construction is great. It is solid. It is silent. It has a very gentle dimple on the backside, behind where the controls are, to make holding it easier. That is a really nice touch.

The headphones sound really nice. The best thing is that the ear buds are magnetic, so that they stick together when you bundle them up for storage.  

The Zune comes with a little velvety pouch. At first it was hard to get the Zune in and out because it was too snug. But after some use, it loosened up a little, and works nicely now.

I have heard that other players have fingerprint and scratch issues. I have just been throwing it in my laptop bag, and I have two small kids. I have had no issues with fingerprints and scratches, so it seems to be fairly robust.

So, I really like my Zune, but I may not be the most discerning mobile music player consumer.


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