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Vista has stolen my 'free time'


There was a time when I had a lot more free time. I had time to go check the mail. The real mail I mean. To go get a drink. Perhaps to quickly read a blog post or two. Skim a tv show. Hug the kids. Lots of small activities I could fit into my day.

Vista has ruined that.

Damn you Microsoft!

Now, the laptop boots quicker, hibernates/sleeps quicker (with one button or icon Mr. too many icons guy), runs quicker, loads quicker, searches quicker. I even upgraded my display driver from a standard Vista one to an ATI driver (I have a long hatred for ATI drivers, they always seemed to have problems, not like the nVidia drivers) without rebooting. What happened?

It used to be :

1. download new driver

2. uninstall old diver.

3. reboot.

4. install new driver.

5. reboot.

6. waste 20 minutes reconfiguring the new driver to the settings I like.

New Way:

1. Click 'update'. It was an optional update for the new ATI driver.

2. Wait a few minutes while it is download, and checkpoint created and installed.

3. Screen flickered a bit.

4. Done. Same resolution, same settings. no reboots.

I didn't have any time to go do anything else. I will never get that time back.

Granted, once I have to start using the Dell drivers, instead of the ATI manufacturer drivers, I am sure it won't be as smooth. Dell seems to have a need to require me to use the Dell version of the drivers, instead of the ATI version. I don't know if there is a technical reason, but the ATI ones seem to work fine. The reason I don't like having to use the Dell drivers is because they update them. Ever.

Another interesting thing is that an entry for a software install (a driver is software after all) into the performance and reliability monitor. This tool tracks app crashes, installs, etc and creates a time graph to show you your 'health' rating over time. Cool tool. I am surprised to not see the driver update listed there.


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