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FYI: New Atlas Bits

The Atlas team has pushed a refresh of the December Atlas bits. The version is called the M1 refresh. Never heard the M1 moniker before. Go get them at atlas.asp.net.

There is mostly bug fixes, and some minor enhancements to the update panel and script manager. Now I have to go upgrade all of my demos and slide decks.

The drag and drop behavior still leaves something to leave desired, but I am sure it will rock before the final bits are released. Some people on my team at the shop are overhauling our 'open positions check out' page to make it 100% callback based. So far it looks neat. The scriptaculous stuff clashes with the Atlas script manager though, so it isn't using Atlas yet. We will have to upgrade it this summer.

Anyway, fresh bits, get them while they are hot!



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