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The Trip to the launch

The launch has finally come and gone on Nov 8th. A bunch of my coworks, clients, and friends rented a big van-bus-like thing. We had laptops, xbox, dvd players, internet access, and wifi onboard. And WAY too much redbull!

We left at three in the morning, and didn't get back until 10:30p.

The launch itself was fun. The sessions weren't groundbreaking if you had been working with the betas in any way. I was surprised at the depth of the new features in SQL Server 2005. I just wasn't really excited about the few features I knew about.

I was asked to shoot some footage of our geek oddysea. I got about 30 minutes of it. The best of it was interviewing people in a sub shop on the way home. If I can find a place to post it, I will and then link to it here. I have been asked to show a bit of it at the next usergroup session.

Best of all, all of the new tools are finally available, and we can move forward with the projects we have been using the beta's on. Now if we can get RTM for BizTalk 2006 and Team Foundation Server.



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