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Anyone who knows me, or has seen me speak, knows that I love acronyms. That, and whiteboards; but we are talking about my penchant for acronyms right now.

I know that speaking in 'jargon' can definitely put off some people. I make a conscious effort to not use acronyms when I am around non-technical people (aka civilians) or if it is a new subject. But when I am speaking to those of my own kind, I just feel it is an effective way of compression of the speech stream. I mean, come on, some of these words have so many syllables, it takes ten minutes to spit out something that is fairly simple.

The expansion of the title of this post is:
Microsoft Business Process Integration Virtual Technical Specialist.

I have told a few people about my recent acceptance into this program, but I have received a lot of questions about what it exactly is. The program is fairly limited in scope right now, and started in Southern California. I think there will be about 20-30 total members in the USA when it is fully rolling. Basically, we are a small team of MS partners that MS trusts enough to leverage to help win BizTalk (and related products) projects. We get access to awesome training and other resources, and they expand their technical sales force. Its a win/win.

I have been looking for ways to take my relationship with MS to the next level, and I am glad to have found it.

The first step of this program was to go to Redmond to sit through the first BT2006 training course by DevelopMentor. This was my first experience with a DM course, and I have to say I was blown away. John Flanders and Richard Blewett are just plain biztalk GODS! My expectations were high to begin because Dave Donaldson used to be an instructor. The guerilla aspect of the course (at least 12 hours a day, all the food/drinks you could want, hard core deep dive etc.) was awesome.

It was a great bonding experience for the VTS team as well. We started of as mostly strangers, although I did know a few people. By the end of the week we had all gotten to know people, and felt like we had gelled as a team. I really think this group will help accelerate the acceptance of BizTalk.

Because of this, I am sure I will be writing about BizTalk a lot more than ever. Most of the VTS team members are experienced with the hardcore EDI integration/Systems Integration work. I have done some of that, but I really tend to focus on custom software development. Where BT comes into play for me, is when we need to integrate with trading partners, or other parties because of the new application, not a pure EAI play. I will also be using it extensively to codify business rules on a project that is under way right now. Of course this has tons of advantages, and I will probably go into this, and some recommended usage patterns in the future.


Dave Donaldson said...
10/29/2005 11:29:00 PM  

Say it isn't so. You finally started blogging. Welcome to the 21st century :-)

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